Dennis & Dee Dee on their Wedding day March 29, 2008


Dennis & Dee Dee Byrne’s 57’ Thunderbird

Dennis purchased his 1957 Thunderbird in 1975. It was silver and black with a 427 + 4 speed. It went through a total body-off-the-frame restoration back to its original color of Ford flame red with red interior. Since its restoration, it has won numerous awards. In 1986 in Petaluma, California this car appeared in the movie, Peggy Sue Got Married. Kathleen Turner, the star of the movie actually sat in the driver’s seat during a break from filming. In the 1990s, this car was also featured in top fashion magazine ads filmed with professional models in San Francisco. Dennis enjoyed driving local High School Homecoming Queen Contestants around the football field in his flame red Thunderbird during pre-game ceremonies, as the young women competed for title of Queen. Dennis also has driven his Thunderbird in the Miss California Parade in Santa Cruz, carrying the beautiful and talented Miss California contestant. Dennis’s car was a special guest at his wedding to Dee Dee in March of 2008. As you can see from the cover photo….It was the perfect addition to their wedding site, situated on the beautiful grounds of the Wild Oak Saddle Club in Santa Rosa, California, their home town. Dennis and Dee Dee are active members of Thunderbirds of Sonoma. Dennis, a long time member since the late 1970’s, has held past offices including president. Dee Dee is currently serving as our 2009 President. .