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In 1955, I almost lost my "Roommate", Harry to a new love. She was Henry Ford's beautiful new
Thunderbird. A year later since my rival's addition of portholes and a continental kit, the affair
really got serious!

At the time however, our family was growing (eventually totaling four) and a two-seater didn't
quite cut it. We settled for a red 1955 Ford Station Wagon with red and white leather interior.
It was a good choice and we all enjoyed that wagon for quite a few years.

When we sold our business and prepared for retirement in 1986, it seemed like the right time for
the "Roommate" to pursue his thirty-year romance. We went searching for a red 1956. "Red"
went by the wayside, however, when we found our beautiful Fiesta Red and white in April of 1987.

We are the fourth owners of a car that was evidently lavished with lots of TLC by it's former
owners. Although we have done some upgrading, she is pretty much stock. The little "Dream
Come True" has returned our affection by providing us with several trophies in Touring.
Probably the most thrilling of which was a First in our class at the 1996 National in Bend,

Not only were we fortunate to acquire a beautiful car, along with her came wonderful new friends.
Traveling and participating in various local and CTCI events with the Thunderbirds of Sonoma
has truely been an added bonus.

Our car pictured above was taken at the Turning Basin in the Petaluma River with the paddle
wheel, Petaluma Queen in the background.

Harry and Ann Costa
CTCI #23633