The Thunderbirds of Sonoma was started by Frank Furnish in 1970. Frank was a Highway Patrolman and he had access to Department of Motor Vehicle records. Frank got a list of registered 55-56-57 Thunderbirds in Sonoma County. It didn't take long before Frank had a group of people who were willing to get involved in starting a club. The Thunderbirds of Sonoma became Chapter #33 of the Classic Thunderbird Club International. We hosted a regional convention in 1991 and that event prompted us to become incorporated.

We typically meet on the first Sunday of the month. We either meet at a restaurant or a member's home for a bite to eat. This club really likes to eat. After we have our lunch then we have our business meeting. After our meeting we like to have an activity planned that we can drive our cars. We have been an active club and many of our members drive their cars to regional and national conventions sponsored by the Classic Thunderbird Club International. We certainly enjoy our cars, but this club is about the people. We are like a family and all are welcome.