Jim had always wanted a 1957 Thunderbird.  He patiently waited, and then one cold rainy day he was looking through the want ads

(nothing better to do) and there she was…1957 Ford Thunderbird, Red with Vinyl top.  She was right there in Santa Rosa with a price

tag of $25,000.00.  We decided to go and look, couldn't hurt could it?  Well she ran like a dream and looked as good.  We questioned

why she was being sold and found out that a retired school teacher owned her and was scared to death to drive it because she feared

someone would steal it.  She could not stand that kind of pressure so she was selling, and we were buying.  That was in 1993 and she

has been with us ever since.  She has had a paint job and a few accessories but she is quite happy in the garage with her best Friend,

a black 1957 Thunderbird.  That is the story of how we acquired Show Girl.  She has won multiple awards and has traveled in several parades;

she is quite at home with the Thunderbirds of Sonoma traveling the highways and back roads of 3 counties.


Story By: Pat Arieta