Mike and Maryanne's black '57 arrived in Sept. 1991 on the back of a car carrier delivered by Jerry Sharp of "Bird Brains" in Aurora, Oregon. Mike and Maryanne bought the car sight unseen after talking to Jerry on the phone. We had just joined Thunderbirds of Sonoma that same month and had no idea what we were doing! It looked good in the photos Jerry sent and the price was right! Jerry said, "she has good bones"! We didn't know what that meant, but we do now! When we met Jerry in Dunnigan, CA. we couldn't help but notice the perfectly beautiful, shiny, red '56 that was in front of our car on the carrier on its way to LA. Our car looked like the ugly duckling of the two! Well, after much TLC from both of us including ripping out seats, carpets, redoing the engine compartment etc. etc. it started to perk up a bit. Each year we improved the cars appearance little by little by adding a new piece here and there or polishing up parts that could be salvaged and then finally, after five years came the new paint job. This was an interesting adventure as we had revealed to us by the sand blasting man that there were six different layers of colors of paint on the car before he got down to bare metal!!

Once, we got the car back, Mike proceeded to put back all the trim and a week before we departed for our first regional in Bend, Or. in 1996 we had a new set of tires put on and off we went with several members of our club. It was our first big trip in our car in six years! We were lucky enough to win a third place trophy in Bend and from there the car has been on a roll winning many 1st and 2nd place awards over the last nine years at regionals and even a big win in Redding at Kool April Nites in '02 and a shocker 1st place in our group of '57's at the Palo Alto Concours in '04. That's the only history we can give you on our "RAVEN57" because we don't know a thing about her beginnings. All we know is that she was a southern CA car and that whoever owned her before us wanted a jet black car inside and out! We kept the car stock in color exterior and interior (black and white) until fall of '04 when we decided to think "outside the box" and give her some pizazz by doing a black and red interior! Mike also added disc brakes, air conditioning, sway bars, an alternator and electronic ignition. THAT'S ALL FOLKS! We love the car and hope to have many more fantastic journeys with her traveling around parts of the USA!

Mike and Maryanne McLucas